High Tea Review: The Terrace Hotel Perth

The Terrace Hotel Perth is nestled in the heart of the Perth CBD and is easily accessible via public transport. However, if you are willing to pay for parking, there are plenty of multi-storey car parks along St George’s Terrace.
This is my second visit to The Terrace Hotel Perth in just over 12 months. The first time I left feeling very impressed, and therefore I was eager to return for a second experience.

The Terrace Hotel is a gorgeous venue. The inside is elegant, with high ceilings and stunning chandeliers. I would describe it as having a sophisticated interior decor with a homely feel. Guests are given the option of sitting inside the lounge area or outside on the terrace. During this particular occasion, my girlfriend opted to sit outside on the terrace in case the Giants walked down St George’s Terrace. It was a lovely cool day, so I didn’t mind.

Our Table was gorgeous. It was adorned with a white table cloth and napkins, and delicate crockery. The table layout reminded me very much of The Ritz Hotel in London. Simple, yet elegant. My only minor criticism with our table was that it lacked cutlery. My friends and I would have liked a cake fork to accompany our sweets.

The service we received at the Terrace Hotel Perth was efficient and friendly. Our host was attentive, and he was well acquainted with our dietary requirements. I should also mention, that the Terrace Hotel is very accommodating when it comes to specific dietary requirements (including Gluten free) therefore please do not hesitate to inform staff at the time of your reservation. My only criticism is that our tea orders took a rather long time to arrive. However, other than that the service was fantastic.

The Tea Selection Menu. I ordered a pot of the White Vanilla Grapefruit. A subtle blend of vanilla, grapefruit, with a hint of chocolate. I found this tea to be an excellent palate cleaner. One of my friend’s ordered a pot of the Supreme Breakfast, and the other ordered a pot of Peaches and Ginger, which they both enjoyed.

Our Three-Tier selection arrived in all of its glory. We immediately scrambled around looking for our phones. What a spectacularly colourful and tantalising array of afternoon tea treats!

The savoury tier was the highlight of this experience. My friends and I received a croissant filled with cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, radish, and red onion. The croissants were well received among the us girls. Our sandwich selection was incredible. They included three different types of bread: sun-dried tomato, with avocado and tomato, a brown type with a cream cheese and relish filling and green bread with a creamy curried egg filling. The perfect vegetarian selection! Our only complaint was that there wasn’t enough!

These scones were perfect. Neither too big, nor too small. They were fresh, warm, soft and fluffy on the inside and lightly dusted with icing sugar. The accompaniments included a generous serving of raspberry preserve and whipped cream with a subtle hint of vanilla- yum!

Our sweets selection included: a raspberry meringue tart which the girls thoroughly enjoyed. The tart itself was cooked perfectly, and the meringue was delicious. We also received a walnut, fruit and chocolate brownie each, and a slice of citrus cake, which was so delicately adorned with red love hearts for Valentines’s Day. The citrus cake was very moist, and it had rather a pleasant taste. Although there was quite a diverse selection of sweets, I feel like the presence of a macaron would have been the perfect finishing touch.

Overall Experience:
Overall, this was definitely one of the best high tea experiences that I have had the pleasure of attending in Perth. Every aspect of this high tea was absolutely delightful. The atmosphere was relaxed, the food was superb, the service was attentive and efficient, and the venue is spacious and elegant. I really cannot fault this experience; and therefore I would highly recommend The Terrace Hotel for your next high tea in Perth. This is the second time that I have been to The Terrace Hotel, and I must say that I am really impressed with their high tea service; in fact I am so impressed that I am placing them in my top 5 Perth High Tea Venues!

The Terrace Hotel Perth
High Tea is served on Saturday and Sunday from 1pm – 4pm
$42 for The Temperance Package (which includes a selection of Harley & Sons teas)
$56 for the Daisy Package (which includes a glass of French Champagne)
Bookings are Essential.
Telephone:(08) 9214 4444
Address: 237 St Georges Terrace, Perth.


High Tea Review: Joondalup Resort (Bistro 38)

Joondalup Resort is a wonderful, and fairly secluded place to enjoy a spot of tea.
The golf course is lush, and the grounds are well maintained. There is plenty of scenery to sit back and take in.

Joondalup Resort is a big place, and the lack of signage makes Bistro 38 difficult to find. While searching for the restaurant, my friend and I actually enjoyed our walk admiring the surrounds. Bistro 38 is not a fancy looking restaurant, instead I would describe it as having country club charm. Bistro 38 is located next to the pool area and provides patrons with gorgeous views of the golf course.
Joondalup Table

Our table was adorned with simple white teaware and red napkins. The artificial floral arrangement in the corner of our table gave the space a much needed pop of colour.
High Tea Table

The service was excellent. Our waitress was polite and attentive, and our food and tea arrived promptly.

Tea Menu
High Tea Menu

We were offered unlimited tea, which we were delighted with. My friend and I selected a pot of English Breakfast, and a pot of Island Groove.
Tea 1

Island Groove is a blend of Hibiscus flowers, apple, papaya, corinth, elderberries and blackberries. Island Groove has a pleasant aroma of assorted fruits, and has a subtle sweetness to it.

Three Tier Stand
Three Tier

Our savoury selection included: a delicious warm pumpkin and cheese tart and three finger sandwiches each. The sandwich fillings included: cheese and chutney, egg mayonnaise and alfalfa and lettuce and tomato. The pumpkin and cheese tart was a highlight for me. The pastry was buttery and soft, and the filling was very tasty.

The scones were a major let down. They were dry, rock hard and too difficult to eat.

The sweets tier included: lemon meringue tart, citrus cake and a chocolate and mint mousse. I think the chocolate and mint mousse was the best of the selection. It was also a nice palette cleanser, and a great way to finish off. My friend enjoyed her selection of sweets, however we both agreed that the citrus cake tasted a bit odd. A cupcake or macaron would have been a more suitable option.

Overall Experience:
Overall it was a nice day out. The restaurant was fairly busy, however this did not impede on our ability to have a conversation. The food was good value for money, and the service was lovely. My main criticism is that the scones were too hard and dry.

Bistro 38 at Joondalup Resort
High Tea is served on Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 5pm
$30 for Classic High Tea
$38 for Sparkling High Tea
Bookings are Essential
Telephone: (08) 9400 8866
Address: Country Club Boulevard, Connolly