High Tea Review: Rochelle Adonis

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This is my second visit to Rochelle Adonis. The last time I had high tea at Rochelle’s was back in 2012 when her studio was in Northbridge. Rochelle Adonis offers high tea with a modern twist. The menu is refined, and the sittings are structured. Rochelle Adonis is a world renowned pastry chef, so you expect the food to be nothing short of exceptional.

Rochelle Adonis Cakes & Confections is located on the corner of Beaufort street and St Alban’s Avenue in Highgate. From the outside, it’s a gorgeous studio in disguise. The interior decor of the studio features gorgeous marble high tables, a simple colour palette and luxurious finishing touches. The layout gives the studio a homely feel, and it is far more spacious than the last location. I would describe the interior decor as French Provincial, a style that I absolutely adore.
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The marble table top is simply stunning. A table cloth would do it no justice.
The elegant silver teaware is an ideal match, with a fresh bunch of pink roses for added colour and femininity. It is one of the best table settings that I have ever seen. My only complaint is that you have to sit at a communal table with other people. This can be uncomfortable for some people, and it did get quite noisy.
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The service was prompt and staff were attentive. However, my friend received a cucumber sandwich after I specifically asked them to exclude it when I made the reservation. However, this was a relatively minor inconvenience and I did receive my plate of vegetarian savouries without any trouble. The high tea service at Rochelle Adonis is quite structured. You are allowed 1 hour and 45 minutes per sitting. During this time you are able to select one pot of tea to accompany your savoury selection, and another pot of tea to accompany your sweets selection. When my friend asked for another pot of tea, she was told that she had to wait for her dessert selection before ordering another pot. My friend and I found this very strange. If a guest asks for another pot of tea, then they should be able to order their tea when they want it. Especially if the package stipulates two pots of tea per person.

My tea selection included one pot of Vanilla Berry ‘Queen of Hearts’ and another pot of Parisian Rose. The Queen of Hearts tea is described as a gorgeous blend of berries, assorted fruits and vanilla. When I poured it into my cup, I was surprised by its miserable grey appearance. However the delicate vanilla aroma and subtle berry flavour made it a pleasant tea to drink.
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When the food arrived, the hostess explained each item very quickly. By the time we ate it we had totally forgotten what it was, so please bear with me! My vegetarian selection included a fritatta, a potato rosti, a jar with mushrooms, blue cheese and zucchini (I think), a jar of mixed oats (again, not sure what it was) and a crunchy thing that had a hint of feta and sweet chili.
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A palate cleanser was provided prior to receiving our sweets. The sorbet had a sour aftertaste which I didn’t enjoy.

There are no scones at Rochelle Adonis. Again, this is not a traditional high tea. Food is served on plates in a structured manner, rather than all at once on a three-tier stand.

The sweets were very beautifully presented. Of course being December there was a Christmas theme. Our selection included a slice of chocolate yule log, a fruit mince tart, a very nice vanilla soft serve ice cream with Rochelle Adonis’ signature sauce drizzled over it, and what appeared to be a gelatin based berry dessert (which I did not eat).
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Overall Experience:
I have mixed feelings about high tea at Rochelle Adonis. At $55 per person, Rochelle Adonis is one of the more expensive high tea venues in Perth. In saying that, I think it could have been a lot better for that price. I love the interior decor, and the presentation of the food was superb. However, the level of noise was too much. I ended up having to permanently lean over my friend just to have a conversation. And if i’m honest, sharing a table with 10 strangers just isn’t my idea of a good time. The service wasn’t particularly bad, but it wasn’t anything to rave about either. The food was interesting. However, I can’t say that there was anything in particular that I really enjoyed. I think Rochelle Adonis would suit someone who prefers a more refined and non traditional take on high tea. I prefer a more traditional high tea with scones!

Rochelle Adonis
High Tea is served Tuesday to Friday at 12pm and 2pm, and on weekends with the option of a 10am, 12pm, 2pm or 4pm sitting.
$49 pp on Tuesday to Friday and $55 pp on weekends. BYO Bubbles with a $10 corkage fee.
Due to popular demand, it is recommended that you make your reservation at least two weeks in advance.
Telephone: (08) 9227 0007
Address: 2 St Albans Avenue, Highgate.