High Tea Review: Cafe Elixir

Cafe Elixir is a vibrant and busy cafe located within the city of Wanneroo. I’ve had high tea at Cafe Elixir a number of times now, and last year I held my 24th birthday party there. Going into this, I definitely knew what to expect.

Cafe Elixir has a fresh and modern decor. Green, white and black are Cafe Elixir’s signature colours. The first thing I always notice when I step inside, is the fabulous wallpaper. Our table featured a traditional set up and looked totally high tea fabulous. The table was adorned with a pretty white tablecloth, matching floral crockery, silver tea ware (cutlery, sugar bowls, trays) and the teapots were covered in adorable tea cosies.

In the past I have had some issues with the service at Cafe Elixir. This time however, I think the service was much better. They seem to know me quite well there, and they know what to expect when I arrive for high tea. There is one girl there, (her name escapes me) and she is absolutely delightful. She is friendly, pleasant and makes you feel welcome. It’s always nice to be greeted by a friendly, familiar face when you go somewhere. The food and drinks arrived in good time, and we never encountered any problems flagging down a staff member when we needed something. What I should also mention is that Taylor, who is the owner, always goes out of his way to speak to each customer and to personalise the service. To me, this shows his dedication and enthusiasm for his business and demonstrates a strong desire to make a personal connection with his customers. I think this is what sets Cafe Elixir apart from other establishments.

The Tea Menu

My friends and I started our high tea experience by ordering a delicious Elixir hot chocolate each. These hot chocolates are smooth, creamy and absolutely amazing. You get a choice of two drinks for high tea, so I recommend ordering a hot chocolate for one of your drinks.

The next beverage of choice was good old English Breakfast. Check out those adorable tea cosies!

As always, we started with the savoury goodies. First we ate the tomato sandwiches. The bread was fresh and soft, however I would have liked more variety with the fillings. Perhaps the addition of a slice of cheese or a curried egg variety.

The savoury stand came out filled with a wonderful variety of vegetarian delights. The savoury stand included: mini pizzas, samosas, tomato and mushroom quiche (which was definitely my favourite, curried vegetable pasties, and spinach and ricotta rolls.

My Plate of Savouries. Yum!

The scones were delightful. Slightly warm, bite sized, light and fluffy on the inside and lightly dusted with icing sugar. The scones were accompanied by a generous serving of strawberry jam and clotted cream.

The sweets three tier included: mini vanilla cupcakes with a strawberry jam filling and pink icing, mini lemon cupcakes, petite blueberry and chocolate muffins, and scrumptious mini chocolate coated custard filled eclairs. The sweets went down a real treat with my friends. I’m unsure as to whether the food is made on-site or whether Elixir (being a relatively small cafe) outsources their high tea goodies. Irrespective of where the food comes from, every time I have visited it has always been faultless.

Overall Experience:
Overall, I have to say that I was happy with the high tea experience at Cafe Elixir. The venue is modern and comfortable, the ambience was nice, the service was top notch, and the food was delicious. High Tea at Cafe Elixir is definitely great value for money. For $28 per person, you get a traditional high tea with a wide variety of food and there is plenty for everyone. Plus the hot chocolate is amazing! If you’re thinking of hosting a tea party, then Cafe Elixir is a good choice. There is plenty of room (they can accommodate up to 12 guests per table), it is affordable, and you get plenty of food. You may find that Wanneroo is a bit out of the way, however I think high tea at Cafe Elixir is definitely worth the drive.

Cafe Elixir
High Tea is served daily from 2:30pm
$28 for Classic High Tea which includes two drinks (tea, coffee or hot chocolate)
Bookings are Essential.
Telephone: (08) 9404 5493
Address: 3 Rocca Way, Wanneroo.


2 thoughts on “High Tea Review: Cafe Elixir

  1. The tea looks quite comprehensive! I like how they spread it out over several different trays & dishes, that way it doesn’t look so crammed.
    I can’t help but marvel at the drink menu – I’ve become a tea lover, but it’s nice when you can switch to things such as mocha [omg!] & hot chocolate [zomg!!] – things very rarely on the menu in Japan, unfortunately.

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