High Tea Review: Maddison Cottage

Maddison Cottage is a gorgeous little tea room nestled in the heart of historic Guidford. It’s the perfect place if you’re after a traditional high tea experience.

Maddison Cottage is only a small venue, however what it lacks in space it makes up for with its adorable charm. The tea room also doubles as a shop, filled with beautiful tea ware, jams and preserves, and gorgeous knick-knacks.

Our table looked absolutely gorgeous. It was adorned with traditional floral tea ware, elegant cutlery, and a cute poker dot tablecloth. It’s been a long time since I last experienced a proper and traditional high tea like this, and it’s places like Maddison Cottage that can really execute an authentic high tea experience.

The service was faultless. My friend and I had the privilege of meeting the owner, a lovely mother, along with her beautiful daughter and adorable granddaughter. Now this is what I call service! It’s lovely to see owners get around and introduce themselves, and it adds a personalised and memorable touch to the culinary experience. Being so close to my own mother, it was really nice to see another mother and daughter working so closely together. The staff at Maddison Cottage were wonderful. My friend and I were offered endless refills of tea, and staff were attentive and obliging. I couldn’t have asked for better service!

The Extensive Tea Menu

Maddison Cottage offers an extensive range of T2 teas. I enjoyed a pot of English Breakfast and a pot of Melbourne Breakfast. Melbourne Breakfast is a black tea with vanilla and honey notes. The honey is definitely the most dominant flavour in this tea.

And out came the three tier stand! My first remark to my friend was “how do they know that pink is my favourite colour?” After a few quick photos, we dived straight in.

The savoury tier was delicious. We had a vegetarian selection of sandwiches which included two varieties: curried egg which is always my favourite, and chutney and cheese. We also received a couple of savoury tarts each (Hooray!), a sundried tomato with cheese tart which was amazing, and a mushroom tart.

The plain scones were incredible. Warm, fresh, light and fluffy- exactly how they should be. My friend and I received two medium sizes scones each, with a side of strawberry jam and clotted cream.

The sweets were remarkable. Not only did they look gorgeous but they tasted delicious too. The selection included: a pink cupcake- yum!, a pink meringue with fresh cream and strawberries (this was my favourite), a coconut and lime slice, and raspberry mousse topped with fresh cream and a raspberry. It was a fresh and fruity selection of sweets.

Overall Experience:
Everything about this high tea experience was perfect. The venue is delightful, the service was impeccable, the food was mouthwatering, and the owners are lovely. It was a relaxing and very memorable experience. It wasn’t overly busy, so my friend and I were able to chat freely. The instrumental music playing softly in the background reminded me of my trip to Paris back in June. For me, Maddison Cottage ticked all the boxes. If you are after a high tea experience that is set in a traditional venue, offers personalised service, and has a delicious selection of mouthwatering treats, then Maddison Cottage is the place for you.

Visited Maddison Cottage on the 8th of October 2015 with my mother.
The experience was much the same as last time. Wonderful prompt and friendly service, adorable location, tables adorned with mismatched crockery, and a selection of beautiful fresh and delicious food. The scones were a hit with my mum, as were the savoury mushroom tarts. I enjoyed the mint chocolate mousse, the cherry ripe slice and the gorgeous petite cupcake. The sandwich fillings included, egg, pineapple with cheese and spring onion, and chicken. Due to the variety of strong flavours in the savoury selection, I suggested to the owner that she consider offering guests a palette cleanser before they begin devouring their scones. There was a large variety of teas to choose from, and my mother and I were offered unlimited pots of tea, which was fantastic. I had a pot of the T2 Melbourne Breakfast and a pot of the Darjeeling.

Maddison Cottage
High Tea is served Tuesday to Friday and booking hours are flexible.
High Tea is also served Saturday and Sunday with sittings at 10am, 1pm, 1:30pm and 2pm.
$32pp Tuesday to Friday
$34pp on Weekends
Bookings are Essential.
Telephone: (08) 9379 2231
Address: 145 James Street, Guildford.


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