High Tea Review: Lobby Lounge Crown Casino

Lobby Lounge is an elegant bar and lounge area located within the Crown Casino complex. At $24 per person, the Lobby Lounge is on the less expensive end of the scale when it comes to high tea in Perth. I should also add that high tea is only offered on weekdays.

Lobby Lounge is nestled in amongst the snazzy restaurants such as Rockpool, The Atrium and the new champagne bar La Vie. Lobby Lounge oozes elegance and has a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The lounge area is spacious and is capable of accommodating quite a large number of guests.

Unfortunately the service was virtually non-existant. When my friend and I arrived, we were greeted by a friendly hostess, who directed us to our table and took our tea order. After that, she was never seen again. It wasn’t busy either, so there was no excuse for the dismal service.

My friend and I were offered our choice of tea or coffee. We both selected our usual English Breakfast, and received one pot each.

The food was delicious and fresh, with the exception of the scones. The sweets and savoury tiers were the highlight of my experience.

The finger sandwiches included a delightful selection of vegetarian fillings: egg mayonnaise, tomato and red onion, red peppers, cucumber, and sundried tomato infused bread with cheese. My only complaint is that there was simply not enough. I even approached a staff member at the bar to ask if we could purchase some more, and was told that the high tea was pre-prepared somewhere else in the casino. Surely they could keep an extra plate of sandwiches in the fridge just in case.

The sweets tier included: a delightful chocolate eclair with a chocolate mousse filling, a strawberry and custard tart, a slice of cake (which I can only describe as tasting super sweet), a delicious vanilla slice, a lemon macaron and a lime macaron. My friend and I would have preferred it if we had received two of everything, so that we didn’t have to make such a mess trying to cut everything in half.

The fruit scones were very disappointing. They were rock hard and completely dried out. Not even a good slather of strawberry jam and clotted cream could make them edible. I really found this disappointing, considering the sandwiches and sweets were absolutely perfect.

Overall Experience:
Overall I have to say that high tea at the Lobby Lounge was average. I would love to be more positive about the experience, however there was just not enough food and the service was non-existant. My friend and I left feeling hungry and unsatisfied, and ended up buying fries from McDonald’s in the food court. This is a big no-no for me, and is the first time that I have walked away from a high tea still feeling hungry. If you are going to give this high tea a go, I recommend that you eat a solid lunch beforehand. Other than that, I really enjoyed the quality of the sandwiches and sweets, and found the venue both elegant and relaxing. If the saying goes “you get what you pay for” then my recommendation to Lobby Lounge would be to raise the price and to increase the amount of food offered.

Visited the Lobby Lounge again on the 10th of July 2015 and noticed that the prices had increased from $40 to $50 for two people. The sandwiches and sweets were amazing, however the scones have not changed 😦

Lobby Lounge Crown Casino Perth
High Tea is served Monday to Friday, 12pm – 5pm
$50 for two people with your choice of tea or coffee.
$60 for two people with a glass of sparkling wine.
Bookings are Essential.
Telephone: (08) 9362 7551
Address: Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood.


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