High Tea Review: The Wild Fig


High Tea at The Wild Fig Cafe first came to my attention a few weeks ago when I went there for breakfast with my mother. I wasn’t overly impressed with my breakfast, but I wanted to give their high tea a go, and who am I to turn down a high tea opportunity?

This is the first time that I’ve been to a high tea with ocean views. Fancy hotels- tick, skyscrapers- tick, wineries- tick, river views- tick, and now the beach.


The interior design of The Wild Fig is interesting to say the least. It is very artsy and full of cool mismatched items. Our table was simple, with an ocean view. My friend and I received a gorgeous floral teacup each, and the rest of crockery was white.

I rang a few days beforehand to make my reservation, and a $40 deposit was required in order to confirm my booking for two people. Our host was lovely. He was organised, prompt and very obliging. Overall, I was very impressed with the service we received at The Fig.

We were offered two pots of tea each during our sitting. My friend elected to try the Japanese pearl green tea (which I don’t think she was overly impressed with), and as always I went with English breakfast.

The Tea Menu

Tapas or high tea?
When the savoury food arrived, I wasn’t sure what I had signed up for. In fact, I wasn’t the only one confused. Two ladies came over and asked us what we were eating. High tea should be fairly obvious. I have never had anyone come over and enquire as to what I was eating at a high tea before.

We received a three tier savoury stand with bruschetta on the top tier, ciabatta bread on the middle tier, and balsamic strawberries, Brie cheese, olives and beetroot dip on the bottom tier. I can’t say I was impressed with this. The ciabatta bread was far too big for high tea, and we received two slices each. I would expect ciabatta bread for breakfast, certainly not for high tea. The bruschetta was nice, but again, not appropriate for a high tea. Plus I think they went overboard with the red onion, which left an awful taste in my mouth. No amount or strawberries or english breakfast tea could get rid of the onion taste.

Top Tier

Bottom Tier

My friend and I left the plain scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam till last. The scones were quite nice, but I was so full I only managed to eat half.

There were three options on the sweets tier: lemon meringue tart, which was absolutely delicious, carrot cake, and raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake. The sweets were cut into large portions, again size is an issue at high tea. It is not a main meal.

Overall Experience:
Big points for location. The ocean views were absolutely beautiful. Overall I can’t say I was overly impressed with the food at The Fig. The service was great, and I loved the 80’s music, however I don’t think they know how to properly execute a traditional high tea. Keep working at it Fig. If you’re a fan of tapas and you don’t mind an interesting twist on high tea, then this is the place for you.

The Wild Fig Cafe Scarborough
High Tea is served Monday – Thursday, 3pm -6pm and Friday – Sunday, 3:30pm – 6pm.
Delish Package: $32 (Monday – Thursday) $37 (Friday – Sunday)
Bubbles Package: $39 (Monday – Thursday) $44 (Friday – Sunday)
Tipples (Long Island Cocktail): $44 (Monday – Thursday) $49 (Friday to Sunday)
Luxe Baby (Bubbles & Cocktail): $50 (Monday – Thursday) $55 (Friday to Sunday)
Bookings are Essential.
Telephone: (08) 9246 9222
Address: 190 The Esplanade, Scarborough.


2 thoughts on “High Tea Review: The Wild Fig

  1. Hmm but a high tea is supposed to be a main meal. Maybe that’s what they were aspiring to? It’s just that erroneous use of the label high tea for things afternoon tea that leaves everybody confused

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