High Tea Review: Peninsula Tea Gardens

Peninsula Tea Gardens is located in Maylands, overlooking the Swan River and is 9 minutes from the Perth CBD. This was my second trip to Peninsula Tea Gardens (also referred to as Tranby House). My previous experience two years ago wasn’t a particular positive one, but I think all places are deserving of a second chance. Plus I thought it would be a lovely place for a mother daughter date.


Peninsula Tea Gardens overlooks the swan river and has its own beautiful garden. There is plenty to admire; regardless of whether you choose to sit inside or outside, you can still enjoy that lovely view of the river. It really is such a peaceful spot to enjoy a spot of tea with family and friends.

The inside of the cottage is lovely. The decor is elegant and looks very much like a traditional tea room.



The table was beautifully decorated, adorned in traditional tea ware. Floral tea cups and saucers, white napkins in silver rings, proper afternoon tea silverware, antique tea pots, sugar bowls and milk jugs. This is what I like to see. A traditional high tea set up.


The service at Peninsula Tea Gardens was nothing short of fantastic. We had the most obliging, polite and friendly hostess. She seated us straight away, gave us a menu to read, and returned not long after to take our tea order. Our tea arrived very quickly and at the same time as the food. The hostess was also kind enough to ask us how we were going for food, and that at anytime all we needed to do was ask and she would bring us more sandwiches and scones. That’s a first for Perth, and in my experience, has only ever happened in London when my partner and I were required to pay the discretionary service charge. My mum and I were completely blown away by how lovely our hostess was. If I was a mystery customer, I would without a doubt give her a score of 100%.

Menu (Front)

Menu (Back)

When the food arrived, I was in complete awe of how colourful and gorgeous it all looked. I think they definitely nailed the Parisian high tea theme. The scones and sweets were accompanied by strawberries, and dusted in icing sugar. There I was camera ready and snapping happily away. My poor mum just sat there so patiently while I snapped what probably seemed like 100 photos.


Big points for the presentation of the food on this three-tier stand! Just Ah-mazing!

The sandwiches were so fresh, the bread was soft, and both mum and I could tell that they had only just been prepared.
My mother received a variety of fillings which included: cucumber and cream cheese, ham with Dijon mustard, salmon, and roast beef with horseradish.
I received two varieties: three cheese and three tomato. This didn’t bother me in the slightest, as cheese and tomato is hands down my favourite sandwich filling. However, I think they probably could have thrown together a couple of egg mayonnaise sandwiches just to give me a bit more variety. My mum said that she would have liked a savoury tart or quiche.


The scones were presented in such a beautiful way with the addition of four fresh strawberries. They were accompanied by the most generous serving of strawberry jam and clotted cream that I have ever seen! My mum and I received one large fruit scone each. They had that lovely home-made warm buttery flavour, and were a little on the crunchy side. For mum and I they reminded us of the scones that my nanna used to bake. My nanna used to leave her scones in the oven for just that little bit longer in order to get that slightly crispy edge.


The sweets looked absolutely divine. We received two of each variety which included: Lemon Meringue Tarts, Chocolate (Mixture of White, Milk & Dark) Macarons, Pink Frosted Cupcakes and a Chocolate and Hazelnut Slice. The macarons were a hit for me, and my mum absolutely devoured the lemon meringue tart. Those home-made cupcakes were a real treat, and the chocolate and hazelnut slice was delicious.


Overall Experience:
Well, what can I say? What a huge improvement since the last time I visited Peninsula Tea Gardens. This time it was quiet, peaceful and the soft background music was a perfect match for the tranquility and beauty of the view. The service was perfect and the food was fresh and delicious. My mum and I enjoyed a wonderful and pleasant afternoon at Peninsula Tea Gardens. Based on my own experiences, and also from other reviewers, I am aware that Peninsula Tea Gardens can be hit and miss. However, if the staff keep this fantastic quality and service up, they are going to boost their popularity significantly. If you have been before and were not impressed, I recommend giving it another go, and if you can, go on a weekday when it’s quiet.

Peninsula Tea Gardens
High Tea is served daily.
$33 on Weekdays
$38 on Weekends
B.Y.O Champagne
Bookings are Essential.
Telephone: (08) 9272 8894
Address: 2A Johnson Road, Maylands


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