High Tea Review: Pagoda Bar & Restaurant


I have known about the high tea at Pagoda for some time now, however it was the low Urbanspoon rating that had kept me away. After putting it off for so long I finally decided to give it a go. After all, sometimes you just need to give a place the benefit of the doubt, and I simply cannot recommend a venue that I have not been to.

The Pagoda Resort & Spa is quite an old looking establishment. It is however, situated on prime real estate on Melville Parade in South Perth, which overlooks the Swan River. Being the only ones there, my friend and I were able to get a window seat. It’s not a bad view of the swan river, however I found that the Kwinana Freeway really obstructs the view.


Although it looks rather outdated, the Restaurant & Bar area is very spacious, and it has an elegant charm. However, I definitely think they could spend some money on renovations. Our table was very simple. White tea ware, and white napkins. Nothing really that unique or special.


We received very attentive service at Pagoda, which was probably due to the fact that we were the only ones there! When we arrived, we were greeted by the manager. He directed us to our seats and very promptly took our tea orders. We didn’t have long to wait for our tea, and our three tier arrived shortly after. During our sitting, a hostess came over numerous times to check if we needed a tea refill. I was impressed with this, especially as most venues only offer one pot of tea per person. It should also be noted that staff remembered our dietary requirements. This is always a plus.

For tea, I ordered English Breakfast, and my friend ordered Chai.


A very colourful and impressive looking three tier.


On the savoury tier, we received two varieties of finger sandwiches: relish with Camembert and avocado with tomato. We also received a spoon containing mushrooms, red onions and a balsamic dressing. My friend didn’t particularly enjoy this, and to be honest it looked so unappealing that I wasn’t game enough to try it. What I did enjoy was the crostini with a fresh tomato and feta topping. I would have preferred more traditional sandwich fillings. It’s like I always say, sometimes it’s better to keep it simple.


My friend and I received three decent sized scones each, with strawberry jam and clotted cream. There were two varieties: plain and fruit with a hint of cinnamon. I can only ever fit one in, so I decided to half both varieties just to try them. I preferred the plain scone, as I am not a fan of cinnamon. The scones were quite nice, still warm, very buttery and light on the inside.


Unfortunately I can’t say that I enjoyed the sweets tier. There wasn’t anything that stood out as particularly nice, but that’s just my opinion. The sweets tier included: citrus macarons, lemon and poppyseed cake, egg custard tarts, and a berry and custard dessert.


Overall Experience:
Being the only ones in the entire restaurant made for a very peaceful experience. I felt like a celebrity who had reserved the entire venue for myself. 🙂 Although the price of high tea is reasonable, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the food. This is arguably the most important factor when reviewing a high tea experience, and based on this, I wouldn’t recommend Pagoda for high tea. There are better places to go.

Pagoda Bar & Restaurant
High Tea is served Sunday to Friday, between 1pm and 5pm
$25 per person Monday – Friday
$36.50 per person on Weekends
Bookings are Essential.
Phone: (08) 9367 0300
Address: 112 Melville Parade, Como


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