High Tea Review: Cape Lavender


Oh how I love the Swan Valley!
My best friend and I discovered Cape Lavender a little while ago through a random internet search of Perth high tea venues. We were both very intrigued by the sound of lavender flavoured scones, and recently we decided that it was time to try them. Cape Lavender is located just behind the Margaret River Chocolate Factory and isn’t far from Cottage Tea Rooms. I have always enjoyed the tranquility of the Swan Valley, and I think it is a lovely place to go if you’re after a relaxing afternoon tea experience.

Cape Lavender is located in the suburb of West Swan. If you’re planning to go, do not, I repeat, do not plug the address into your GPS. You will get terribly lost! Instead, enter Cranleigh Street via West Swan Road, where will see the Margaret River Chocolate Factory on the corner. The Cape Lavender establishment is lovely, and best of all there is ample parking out the front. Being such a lovely sunny day, my friend and I chose to be seated out on the veranda overlooking the vineyards. It was an absolute delight, and being that it’s currently winter we were desperate for some warmth from the sunlight. One of the very first things that I noticed when I stepped inside is that they take the Lavender theme very seriously! Inside the cafe is an assortment of lavender products available for purchase: soaps, body lotions, lavender infused preserves and the list goes on! If you’re a lover of lavender, then this is the place for you!

Our table setting was of course lavender inspired!
I think the lavender tea ware looked gorgeous. I love a theme when it is executed well. Even the purple napkins were a nice touch. The tea ware is also available for purchase inside the shop section of the cafe.


The service my friend and I received at Cape Lavender was of a high standard.
I didn’t encounter any issues when I made the reservation, and the staff had no problem accommodating my dietary requirements. What I liked most about the service, was when I had to call to let them know that my friend’s car had gotten sand bogged and that we were going to be terribly late. The lady I spoke to was very polite and understanding, and didn’t mind at all. When we finally arrived, we were greeted by two lovely people who I assume are the owners. They both shared a light hearted joke with us about the sand bogging situation, which made us feel welcome. After we were seated, the host took our tea orders and our food arrived shortly after. It was service with a smile (and a giggle).

When the three tier arrived, both my friend and I couldn’t wait to bust our iPhones out. Instead of tucking in to the food like normal people, here we were avidly snapping as many pictures as we possibly could. So many tantalising and colourful delights! What I also liked, was that we received two of everything. This meant that we didn’t have to go to the trouble of cutting petite fours and crumbling, oozing tarts in half.


Finally! a Savoury Tier!
If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know how much I bang on about the lack of savoury options at a high tea. I need salt people! I was pleasantly surprised when the three tier arrived with an entire tier dedicated to savoury goodies! On offer, were spinach and cheese triangles, sweet potato tarts and mini cheese muffins. The savoury muffins were a big hit. As for the finger sandwiches, my friend received ham and cheese with tomato relish, tuna, and curried egg. My vegetarian selection included: curried egg, cheese with tomato and lavender kasundi, and sundried tomato with tomato relish. The fillings were delicious, and the tomato and lavender kasundi was lovely. My only criticism is that the bread was a tad on the dry side.


The lavender infused scones were next. We receive two mini scones each. I was pleased with the size of the scones, because I usually find them to be quite filling. The lavender in these scones packed a real punch. My friend and I weren’t really sure about the lavender flavour, it was certainly different, just a tad on the strong side. For me, the addition of strawberry jam and clotted cream made the lavender flavour a lot less intense. I must add though, the scones themselves were still warm, and on the inside they were light and fluffy. Perfection!


We finished with the sweets tier. On offer were: two raspberry tarts with half a macaron on top, two petite white chocolate cakes, and two of what I can only describe as creme brûlée puffs. And what flavour do you think those two purple macarons were? Yep you guessed it, lavender!


Overall Experience:
Cape Lavender is such a lovely, peaceful place to enjoy afternoon tea. I would imagine that it would get quite busy during the warmer months. The venue, the service and the food was all very impressive, and the lavender flavoured scones were quite an interesting treat. I definitely recommend visiting this high tea venue. For $25, it’s great value!

Cape Lavender
High Tea is served each day
$25 for Classic High Tea
$30 with a glass of Sparkling Rose
Bookings are Essential.
Phone: (08) 9250 7711
Address: 6 Cranleigh Street, West Swan (Entry via West Swan Road!)


2 thoughts on “High Tea Review: Cape Lavender

  1. I’ve heard about Cape Lavender and passed it many times. Perhaps a stopover is in order for me sometime soon. Great write up!

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