High Tea Review: Jean Pierre Sancho

My good friend is currently in town for the school holidays. Recently, she discovered that the popular French bakery Jean Pierre Sancho has started offering high tea at their Hay Street location. Thinking that this might be a nice experience, she decided to make a high tea reservation for us for a Thursday afternoon sitting. I was excited to try it, yet nervous at the same time. I have recently returned from the United Kingdom aka the land of afternoon tea, and I thought that there was no way that high tea in Perth could ever compare to London. Turns out that I was wrong!

JP Sancho is located on Hay Street in the heart of the Perth CBD.
It’s a cute French bakery that doubles as a cafe, with a gorgeous little seating area that reminded me of the lounge room in my childhood home. With its beautiful decorative ceilings, chandeliers, mirrors, polished tables and even a grandfather clock, the decor gives the bakery a really warm and cozy feel, and for me it was quite nostalgic. Our table wasn’t overly decorative, in fact it was quite simple. The white crockery and serviettes both feature the JP Sancho logo, which is a nice personalised touch. I felt that the simplicity of the teaware matched accordingly with the interior decor of the seating area. I don’t think floral teaware would suit this venue.

I felt that the service at JP Sancho was somewhat lacklustre. When my girlfriend and I arrived we were promptly seated and given a high tea menu each. As a food blogger I always appreciate being handed a high tea menu in case I forget something. The host came back shortly and took our tea order. We saw him a second time when he arrived with our three-tier stand, and a final time when he came back with our tea. There was virtually no verbal communication, and it was only when we got up to pay that we were asked if we enjoyed everything. I know most people wouldn’t see this as an issue, and I’m not saying that the service was in any way terrible, I just would have preferred a little more attention, and perhaps another pot of tea 🙂 I think it’s the little things that can really make a difference in hospitality.

Our Tea Menu.

We were offered a nice selection of teas to choose from. I decided to stay safe and go for my usual English breakfast while my girlfriend opted for a pot of earl grey.

When our three-tier stand arrived, I was complete awe of the beautiful presentation. On the sweets tier, the words “High Tea” were written in chocolate, and I thought that this was such a fantastic and unique touch.


Like always, the sandwiches were the first to be consumed. The sandwiches were quite large, and my girlfriend and I received two each. My vegetarian variety consisted of egg mayonnaise with sun-dried tomato. The bread was nice and soft, exactly how it should be, however I think we both would have preferred if they were a tad smaller in size. My friend received two sandwiches with roast beef, horseradish cream and tomato on cereal bread, she liked the filling but felt that the bread was a bit on the dry side. In addition to sandwiches, my friend also received two mini brioche with smoked salmon, baby spinach and dill. Unfortunately she didn’t particularly enjoy the filling, and I was left wondering why I didn’t receive a mini brioche with a vegetarian filling. I also thought that being a bakery, there would at least be a tart or a quiche on the savoury tier.

My girlfriend and I received four plain scones topped with almonds. These scones were an absolute delight. They were fresh, light and fluffy on the inside, and smooth on the outside. They tasted amazing accompanied with the strawberry jam and clotted cream; in fact they reminded me of the perfect scones that I had at The Ritz hotel in London.

The sweets tier was the highlight of this high tea experience. I couldn’t fault any of the goodies on this tier. There was a variety of sweets to choose from: lemon meringue tarts, chocolate choux, red velvet cakes, chocolate covered macarons, and raspberry cheesecakes. I enjoyed every single one, and the best part was that we received two of each, so we didn’t have to worry about halving anything.

Red Velvet Cake – Yum!

Overall Experience:
The ambience of the cafe area was pleasant, and being a week day it wasn’t overly busy either. I really enjoyed the food, however I would have liked to have seen more vegetarian options. I loved the sweets tier, and the scones were perfect. I was really impressed, especially considering that they have only recently started offering high tea. With a few minor tweaks mostly related to the quality of service, JP Sancho has the potential to be a total stand out, and has already found a place in my top three Perth high tea venues.

Jean Pierre Sancho
High Tea is served Monday to Friday between 2:30 – 4:30 (Hay Street store only)
$38 for High Tea
Bookings are Essential.
Phone: (08) 9444 1904
Address: 878 Hay Street Perth


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