Afternoon Tea Review: W Hotel


The W Hotel is located in Leicester Square in the heart of the West End.
The W Hotel offers an awesome, music inspired afternoon tea.
I ended up finding time in our already busy schedule to book this one, because it looked like it would be a lot of fun.

The decor in W Hotel lounge is very gentleman friendly. I think it is safe to say that my partner was actually impressed with the look of the venue. I would describe the decor as polished, modern, stylish and with a glam rock inspired charm. In the foyer of the W lounge, just outside of the elevators, is a mass of incredible looking disco balls. This gorgeous feature really adds a glamorous touch to the entrance of the lounge and bar. It also ties in nicely with the music inspired theme of the hotel. When my partner and I walked through the lounge, we observed the massive wall of collectors plates featuring the images of various famous musicians. Not unlike the disco balls, it gives the lounge area an impressive wow factor.


We were escorted to our table in a spacious area in the corner of the restaurant, and facing a window overlooking Leicester Square. We were seated on a big comfortable couch, which was relaxed and fit with the informal theme of the afternoon tea. Our table was adorned with polished silver tea ware and simple white crockery.
I especially loved the tea pot!


The service in the W Hotel lounge was quite good. As soon as we were seated, a hostess took our drinks order and confirmed my dietary requirements. Our hostess was particularly busy, however she managed to stop by regularly to ask if we were enjoying everything, and to see if we needed anything else. Both my partner and I felt that the service we received was both prompt and friendly.


For drinks, I ordered my usual pot of English breakfast tea, and my partner ordered his usual coffee.

Our food arrived promptly after we received our beverages. Our hostess explained to us that each item on the three tier stand is inspired by a famous song.


Of course, as always, we started with the finger sandwiches and the scones.
The hostess recommended that we begin with the scones, as they were fresh out of the oven. My partner started eating his ‘Rule Britannia’ scones first, and I tucked into the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ inspired sandwiches. My vegetarian sandwich fillings included: egg mayonnaise, red peppers and mushroom, cheese, tomato and lettuce, and avocado and sweet onion. My partners standard selection included: egg mayonnaise, smoked salmon and cream cheese, cucumber and Greek yogurt and roast chicken and lemon butter. The sandwiches were tasty, however the bread was a little on the dry side.

The scones were warm and buttery, and were filled with raisins. Not as fluffy as how I usually prefer my scones to be, however they did taste delicious with the strawberry jam and clotted cream.


I must admit, the sweets were what I was looking forward to the most. One glance at the menu, and my taste buds went into overdrive. Plus I thought it was really cool how each individual piece was inspired by a song title.
The varieties included:
‘Sticky Fingers’ described as vanilla meringue with attitude.
‘Sweet Emotion’ a delicate chocolate sweet with a strong taste of passion fruit.
‘Every Rose Has A Thorn’ was a rose flavoured fancier with rose petal jam on the inside.
‘Purple Haze’ was a purple and white sponge with marzipan icing. Not a fan of marzipan, so I didn’t particularly enjoy this one.
My favourite was the ‘Cherry Bomb’, chocolate and cherry with a strong hint of mascarpone, and dome shaped in appearance.
My other favourite was the ‘London’s Burning’ mousse, a decadent chocolate pudding with a hazelnut crunch.


Overall Experience:
Overall, my partner and I enjoyed our rock inspired afternoon tea at W Hotel.
I left London bound for Australia that evening, so it was a great way to wrap up my afternoon tea experiences in London.
The ambience of the lounge was nice, and there was a pleasant odour coming from the bar area. There was soft music playing in the background, which to my surprise wasn’t from the rock genre! The venue is spacious and there is plenty of room for patrons. I really liked the music inspired venue, I thought the food was delicious, and we received friendly service. W Hotel is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Leicester Square, especially if you have male company!


W Hotel
Afternoon Tea is served daily, between 2pm and 5pm.
£25 per person.
Add £10 for a Hendrix Gin Martini.
Please note that a discretionary service charge of 12.5% is added to the bill.
Bookings are Essential.
Reservations can be made via the W Hotel website:
Or by Telephone: +44 (0)20 7758 1000
Address: 10 Wardour St Leicester Square, London.


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