Afternoon Tea Review: Bulgari Hotel London


My second afternoon tea adventure in London was at the famous designer hotel Bulgari. It was late on Saturday afternoon, and both my partner and I were exhausted after running around shopping at Harrods. My first impression of Bulgari was “Wow, what a beautiful, elegant and luxurious looking hotel”. The first thing I noticed when I entered the lobby, was the distinctive fragrant aroma that filled the space. My guess is that it was a Bulgari signature fragrance. Some may argue that the scent was a perhaps a little too bold, however I think that the aroma suited the luxurious feel and appearance of the hotel.


As mentioned above, the Bulgari hotel is a five star luxury designer hotel. I think it is one of the more modern and luxurious hotels that London has to offer, and caters to the needs of fashionista’s like myself. The decor oozes luxe and the furnishings are all made from the highest quality leather, fabrics and materials.
The decor consists of simple yet elegant deeper colours and darker hues. In fact I would describe it as a healthy balance between chic and masculine. We were seated near the lobby, which I initially had reservations about because of the noise factor, however it was no where near as bad as what I thought it would be. All that could be heard was the sound of soft jazz music being played in the background and light buzzing coming from another part of the hotel.


My partner and I were seated in the lounge area of the hotel, at a simple little table with an elegant black glass top and comfortable leather seats. The crockery included gorgeous purple cups and saucers with silver trims and silver tea ware and cutlery. There was also a beautiful little mauve rose on our table, and above us was an even bigger array of decorative mauve roses. I cannot begin to express how impressed I was with the simplistic yet luxurious appearance of our table setting.

The service was fantastic. On arrival, we were offered a complimentary glass of prosecco. After taking our tea and coffee orders, the hostess returned, and for the first time ever I actually had my tea poured for me! How’s that for service? Another hostess came around to confirm my vegetarian dietary requirements before hurrying off to grab us our sandwiches. Whenever the tea in my cup got low, a hostess would come over and top it up for me. The staff were attentive and obliging, and it wasn’t at all difficult to grab their attention if we needed something.

For tea, I selected one of the Bulgari luxury collection tea’s. I chose the diamond tea, which is described as a white china tea from Pai Mutan, infused with white peach, a hint of vanilla, almond and white flowers. It was a delightful flavoured tea, and the vanilla and white peach gave it just the right hint of sweetness.


The sandwiches and the tartlets were the first to arrive. Instead of the tradition finger shape, our sandwiches were cut into triangles. Unfortunately I do have to mention that the bread was a little on the dry side, however I did enjoy the fillings. My sandwiches included hommus and egg mayonnaise, while my partner’s fillings included chicken and rocket, egg mayonnaise, cucumber and Scottish smoked salmon. We both received a mushroom and a fontina cheese and herbs tartlet each.


The next to arrive was the tier of scones and sweets. We received two varieties of scones, fruit and plain. I must say that these scones were absolutely perfect. They were just the right size, and they were warm and fluffy the way that scones should be.


On our table we had a choice of 5 jams: strawberry, raspberry, orange, apricot and flower honey.


My partner and I choose the strawberry jam, however I also spread some apricot jam on to one of my scones. The jam was delicious, however the clotted cream was rather difficult to spread.

The sweets tier included: two hazelnut and chocolate mousse slices, two raspberry macarons, and two lemon tarts. All three of the sweets were delightful, however for me the lemon tart was the stand out. It wasn’t overly sweet and it had just the right amount of tang. My partner stated that he thoroughly enjoyed his hazelnut and chocolate mousse slice.


Overall Experience:
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon tea experience at the Bulgari hotel in London, and I recommend it to anyone either travelling to or staying in the London area. The impeccable venue, service and food is all what you would expect from a luxury hotel like Bulgari, and I left feeling both satisfied and very impressed.

The Bulgari Hotel
Afternoon Tea is served Monday to Saturday 1pm to 5pm and on Sunday 2:30pm to 5pm.
£31 for Classic Afternoon Tea
£43 with a glass of Moët & Chandon
Bookings are Essential.
Telephone: +44 0207 151 1010
Address: Bulgari Hotel & Residences London, 171 Knightsbridge, SW7 1DW.


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