High Tea Review: Cottage Tea Rooms

Nestled in the idyllic Swan Valley, Cottage Tea Rooms is one of Perth’s best kept secrets. Whilst driving down West Swan Road you really get to experience the tranquility of the Swan Valley as you pass by the wineries. Situated on a corner, Cottage Tea Rooms is easily accessible and there is parking along the side of the building and also further down Forrest road.


When you first arrive you may notice that the venue itself looks a little underwhelming. There is no doubt that the place needs some serious maintenance. Perhaps a few coats of paint and some new outdoor furniture would improve the exterior. However I think it has that real authentic vintage appeal and it certainly adds to the heritage feel of the Swan Valley. As well as serving high tea, Cottage Tea Rooms also sells a variety of beautiful knick-knacks and homewares, home made preserves and bags of loose leaf tea. I purchased the adorable hanging plaque in the above photo, and a packet of Turkish Delight loose leaf tea. When we arrived inside, we were promptly seated at a gorgeous little table laden with beautiful linen and cute floral teaware.


Having been to Cottage Tea Rooms half a dozen times before, I can honestly say that I have never experienced bad service. Staff take phone bookings in a prompt and polite manner and they also accommodate dietary requirements. Staff are very obliging and you get service with a smile. Two pots of tea are offered per person, and on weekdays you are given an extensive tea menu that has approximately 20-30 loose leaf teas to choose from. My favourite is the Turkish Delight. However on busy weekends, guests are given a choice of English Breakfast or tea of the day. If you happen to try a tea and you really like it, you can purchase a packet of it to take home from the counter when you settle your bill.


My friend and I enjoyed a plate of petite, freshly baked scones with a generous side of raspberry jam, lemon curd and fresh whipped cream. There are usually two varieties of scones offered, and on this occasion we were given plain scones and cranberry and almond scones. The scones were light and fluffy and just the right size. We then moved on to the bottom tier consisting of a variety of sandwiches and an assortment of hot savoury pastries. We enjoyed fresh, bite sized sandwiches with a variety of fillings. I am vegetarian, therefore I ate the curried egg, cream cheese, and a delicious sun-dried tomato and avocado filling. We also enjoyed a variety of delicious savoury treats consisting of creamy mushroom Quiche, spinach and cheese risotto balls, asparagus and ricotta Quiche and sausage rolls. The petite selection of sweets on offer consisted of a ginger slice which I didn’t particularly enjoy, a delicious lemon meringue tart, a strawberry cheesecake tart and two coconut and mango macarons. There were also two adorable little chocolate hearts which we didn’t hesitate to gobble up. Considering that high tea is regarded as a light afternoon snack before dinner, you are given an ample amount of food. I can certainly guarantee that you will not leave the establishment feeling hungry! My only recommendation for the food would be to include a palette cleanser such as sorbet. There are so many different flavours in the sandwiches and the Quiche that you need something other than tea to cleanse the palette in preparation for the sweets.


Overall Experience:
What can I say? Apart from needing some maintenance work, there is just so much to love about Cottage Tea Rooms. The ambience is always peaceful, rarely busy, nor noisy, only the beautiful sounds of Dean Martin and The Righteous Brothers softly fill the room. The food is always plentiful and delicious, the service is impeccable and it’s great value for money. If you are in need of a relaxing afternoon out, I recommend getting the ladies together and taking a scenic drive down West Swan Road to Cottage Tea Rooms.


Visited Cottage Tea Rooms again on the 20th of June 2015 and noticed that the prices have increased from $30 on Weekdays to $35, and from $35 on Weekends to $40. The food is still amazing, and the staff were very polite and obliging as always.

Cottage Tea Rooms
$35 on Weekdays
$40 on Weekends
Bookings are Essential.
Phone: (08) 9296 6886
Address: 8560 West Swan Road (corner Forrest road)
Henley Brook


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